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The Estate
Pécharmant is a wine appellation (Appellation d'origine contrôlée, AOC) for certain wines produced in the hills to the North-East of the market town of Bergerac, France. With a surface area of 400 hectares the communes of Bergerac, Creysse and Lembras produce nearly 15 000 hectolitres of the red wine. Pécharmant is the best known of the Dordogne region wines and has been classified AOC since 1936. The identification "Pécharmant" dates from 1946 and new AOC since March 13, 1992.

The History

The château played a key part during the Hundred Years War and  France's bitter Wars of Religion (1562-1598).    It was here, in 1575, that two Huguenot (Protestant) captains, Jaure  and La Palanque, shared out rich booty  seized from Périgueux's Roman  Catholics  -  including a silver reliquary containing  relics of Saint Front, the  first Bishop of Périgueux.

    In the 17th century, the château belonged to Jean de Belrieu, royal bailiff  of the town of Bergerac.
    A century later, it came through marriage into the hands of the d’Augeards,  a family of parliamentarians.     Jean-Charles d'Augeard de Virazeil, President of the High Court at  Bordeaux, was the last Lord of Tiregand.

    Count César-Alexandre de La Panouse bought the property in 1826 and carried  out improvements.  His son gave  the  house its present appearance around 1850.   Carefully maintained by his descendants, the listed château now   belongs to the heirs of the Countess François de Saint-Exupéry.

The Property

Chateau Tiregand is an imposing estate. Pehamon vineyard, northern and northeastern Bergerac, Dordogne River right bank slope, is the oldest in the Bergerac area. The name comes from a connection of two words, PECH Pech and Armand Armand - PECH Pech is a local a small hill, the word, and the first name Armand Armand the man who owned the territory century to the thirteenth Century. By P é Charmant in vineyards with summer, just 10 minutes drive to the East Bay Gluck's heart.